8 Grants to Celebrate the Birthday of the National Guard

The National Guard has been around since Dec. 13, 1636, when it was first started in Massachusetts. And every year on that same date, the nation celebrates the birth of this group and all the good work it has done and continues to do.

The National Guard is composed of citizens who have full-time, civilian jobs or attend school in addition to their guard duties. After finishing training, members of the national will work one weekend every month in addition to two full weeks each year for the National Guard. They can also be deployed in times of emergencies or natural disasters to provide assistance.

Currently, there are more than 336,000 active national guard service members, according to the official website for the National Guard. “Combining civilian-acquired skills and experiences with their combat training, Army National Guard Soldiers bring rich and unique capabilities to the Joint Force,” the website states.

In celebration of #NationalGuardBirthday, here are some grants for Homeland and National Security:
  1. Training and equipment grants are available to emergency response providers including paramedic or EMS departments, fire departments, and law enforcement. Priority will go to volunteer departments as well as low and underfunded departments.
  2. First responders may be eligible to receive financial assistance to offset financial hardships as a result of the COVID pandemic. This funding is to assist with housing payments, work-related medical or mental health expenses, and childcare or eldercare expenses.
  3. Child care grants of up to $150 per child are now accepting applications from active and reserve coast guard members. These funds are for the reimbursement for actual costs of the child care service as a direct result of PCS orders with a government-authorized and funded shipment of HHG.
  4. Nonprofit or public EMS organizations, fire departments, and fire training academies can apply for funding to support emergency personnel with equipment and training.
  5. Grants averaging $2,500 are available to fire departments, nonprofits, and governmental units to prevent, control, and prepare for fires. Eligible uses of funds include activities related to arson prevention, fire investigation, training and education programs, and pre-fire planning.
  6. First responders, military personnel, and veterans with disabilities, can now apply for grants to enhance their health. The funding is to increase their participation in sports and fitness programs that enhance their physical and mental health.
  7. In-kind grants of ballistic vests are available to law enforcement officers for protection in dangerous environments. This funding is to protect sworn peace officers by providing donated ballistic vests to officers that need them.
  8. Grants are available to law enforcement agencies to advance and promote safety for police officers. The purpose of the program is to purchase safety equipment that will protect officers serving in the U.S..
Discover more Homeland and National Security Grants available at at GrantWatch.com.

From before the American Revolution to Hurricane Katrina and beyond, the National Guard has provided support and protection for citizens. While it is not a Federal Holiday, people across the country will still celebrate what is one of the oldest military organizations.

Since the National Guard is an integral part of each state and territory, we all have a reason to celebrate! Take time to recognize a National Guard soldier or airman you know.

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